About Miss Moran's

A family owned specialist tobacconist, trading in the heart of Belfast since 1870.

The business has been trading since 1870, having been started by the Moran sisters and now being run by the Coulter family. It is described by many as a veritable institution or a mini museum, stocking some of the finest cigars, tobaccos, pipes, snuff and smoking accessories available in the world. Now the city’s longest trading retailer, Miss Morans has long been an integral part of the cultural and economic landscape of Belfast. One of the most painted and photographed premises in Belfast. Indeed, a picture of Miss Moran’s was hung in the Whitehouse by President Bill Clinton during his term in office – a gift from the Northern Ireland Government – photographs can be found in the famous Dead Rabbit pub in New York, amongst others.

The History

The history of the business is unique with a plethora of stories, and maybe the odd myth, but the business remains firmly rooted in the traditions and values associated with the original founders, the Moran sisters. Natives of Co. Mayo in Ireland the sisters who moved North to escape the rural poverty, to find work. Little did they realise that they would create a unique piece of history.

The Aroma

The wonderful aromatic smell which greets you upon entering the shop is a heady mix of tobaccos from around the world blended with the top notes of an array of flavours from the aromatic pipe tobaccos which are still sold loose from the jar creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

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