Falcon Standard Straight Pipe

The chassis of the Falcon Standard Straight Pipe pipe is a straight high polished aluminium pipe stem with a standard fishtail mouthpiece. 

Falcon Standard Straight Stem


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Falcon pipes are available in a number of different styles and bowl combinations. Uniquely engineered to provide a robust, practical and stylish pipe which delivers a superb smoking experience. The chassis of the Falcon Standard Straight Pipe is a straight high polished aluminium pipe stem with a standard mouthpiece.

The stem is designed to produce a clean dry smoke. The Falcon stem has a number of unique features including

  • a central aluminium plug which allows the right amount of smoke to pass through and prevents tobacco getting in.
  • a humidome which cools and condenses the smoke.
  • a well to trap moisture/tar and hold the dry ring.
  • an ultra thin aluminium, spiral tube which effectively cools the smoke as it passes through.

This stem will fit all Falcon Bowls.

The Falcon Straight Pipe stem is also available with dental mouthpiece.


Pipe Care

Clean the threads on the bowl periodically with a damp cloth.

Clean the stem regularly by passing a thin pipe cleaner through the stem. Never try to force a cleaner through the stem as this may cause the pipe cleaner to break off and block the stem or break the seal.

If there is a build up of tar in the well of the stem then clean with falcon pipe spray to remove the build up.

The bowl takes a Falcon dry ring which should be replaced periodically.

Please note the stem is a sealed unit and removing the mouthpiece will break the seals and damage the stem.

To complete your pipe select the bowl type and finish from our extensive range of Falcon pipe bowls. The complete pipe is supplied in a gift box with a spare falcon dry rings.


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