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White Fox Full Charge tobacco is a white, slim, dry tobacco free, 16.5mg/g nicotine pouch with a fresh, natural, refreshing mint/ spearmint flavour.


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White Fox Full Charge tobacco free chew is a convenient and discrete way to enjoy nicotine without tobacco, smoke or spit. This is a white, slim, dry tobacco free pouch with a fresh mint flavouring which is delivered using essential natural oils. The nicotine level at 16.5mg/g is similar to that of the traditional tobacco chew bags. This chew provides a gentle and flavourful experience. Chew is the modern style of chewing tobacco. Simply place the tobacco free pouch between the gum and the lip much like Swedish snus.

Most people will place it under the upper lip, but you can use the bottom lip, as there is less saliva produced in this part of the mouth which slows the release of the nicotine and flavour release. The White Fox Full Charge tobacco free chew bag will slowly deliver nicotine and taste for around 45 minutes – you should feel a light tingling sensation on the gum. You can occasionally chew lightly on the chew bag for an instant flavour and nicotine boost.

When finished place the chew bag in the lid of the can before disposing of responsibly. The spent chew bags can be added to your compost heap – your plants will appreciate it.

White Fox is also available in the lower strength Five Paw  and One Paw chew.

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